Advanced Production
Facility and Technology

Introduce industry leading manufacturing  equipments.

Riugor introduced global leading ultra-high precision manufacturing equipment and testing machines from industrial leading countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Japan. Including DMG MORI SEIKI Milling and Turning Machining Center, MITSUBISHI CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, REISHAUER Gear Grinding Machine, Mazak Palletech Automatic Machining Center, HEXAGON Coordinate Measuring Machine, KLINGELNBERG Gear Precision Measuring Center, IPSEN Multi-function Atmosphere Carburizing Quenching Furnaces. etc. Ensuring the high precision, consistency, stability and low noise of the gears and gearboxes.

A pioneer of 30 years gear production technology.

The quality of the products is not only determined by high precision manufacturing and testing equipment, the advanced production tooling and technology are essential as well. The engineers of Riugor have developed unique production technology and process through years of continuous innovation. It is the continuous pursuing the ultimate in product quality makes the product accuracy and stability continue to improve and makes Riugor a leader in electric vehicle gears, reduction gearbox and electric rear drive axle industry.