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JJE Showed Latest Electric Powertrain in Shanghai International Auto Show.

July 12,2019

The 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, a major event in the global automotive industry, opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from April 16 to 25, 2019. Jingjin Electric's latest three-version integrated electric drive assembly was unveiled at the Shanghai International Auto Show. At the same time, Jingjin Electric also launched two hybrid EDU (no power interruption) and extended range module assembly.



With the rapid development of new energy vehicle technology in recent years, the electric drive system has also evolved from the initial “discrete” to “integrated and integrated”. Based on the "two-in-one" of deep integration of motor and reducer, Jingjin Electric continues to increase R & D efforts, integrates high-speed motors, controllers and high-speed reducers, and independently develops "three-in-one pure electric drive system".


The three-page deep integration "three-in-one pure electric drive system" brought by this refined electric drive is "JJE-EDM2000F series pure electric drive assembly", "JJE-EDM3000F series pure electric drive assembly" and "JJE-EDM4000F" respectively. The series of pure electric drive assemblies (including DCDC) can meet the application of pure electric system A-class passenger cars, SUVs, 7-seat MPVs and light commercial vehicles, giving customers a wide range of product choices. Compared with the previous products, the transmission efficiency of this series of deep integration "three-in-one pure electric drive system" is increased by about 1%. In the case of high efficiency and high output, the total weight of the product is reduced by 2-3kg, and the noise is also reduced to a very low level. The cost is reduced by 15%-20% while the efficiency of the reducer is increased. It gives passengers a better driving and riding experience while reducing costs. 


In addition to the three-in-one pure electric drive system, Jingjin Electric also unveiled the first two-stage hybrid EDU (no power interruption) and extended range module assembly for hybrid models. These new products have a good user interface and do not require changes to the engine interface.


The powerless interrupt function of the refined electric two-speed hybrid EDU solves the user's discomfort in the stateless state and has better driving comfort. The product adopts maintenance-free electromagnetic clutch, which has simple structure and high reliability. Highly integrated and integrated design, compact and easy to arrange.


In response to the current demand for intermixing, Precision Electric has introduced an extended range module for SUVs, MPVs (PHEVs) and compact cars. This product uses a high power density oil-cooled dual motor, integrated engine, drive motor and gearbox, high integration and small size, and lower noise, a better driving experience.


As a leader in the domestic electric drive system industry, Jingjin Electric has made a deep demonstration of its strong product research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities at the Shanghai International Auto Show. In the future, Jingjin Electric will continue to adhere to the corporate vision of “being the best electric system in the world” and bring new momentum to the high-quality development of the automotive industry.

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