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RG-219 Gear Set

Introduction: The RG180 gear set is designed and manufactured by Riugor Company for high speed electric vehicle reduction gearbox and e-axle driveline system with electric motor power from 30KW to 60KW. 

Applicable EV Models: High speed electric vehicles, electric passenger cars, electric commercial vehicles like electric bus, electric logistics vehicles and electric sanitation vehicles, etc.

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1. The electric vehicle transmission gear and gear shaft are made of 20CrMnTiH material;

2. The tooth making technology adopts Mitsubishi CNC high-precision gear hobbing machine to achieve high precision, high torque, low noise and long life;

3. Automatic controlled carburizing treatment by Sup-Power multi-function furnace to ensure the metallographic structure of the product and the durability of the gear (hardness 58-62HRC);

4. The grinding process adopts Reishauer grinding machine with gear precision of grade 6;

5. Through the gear optimization design and the gear inspection equipment (Klingberg P26), the transmission noise of the gear is effectively controlled (light load 55-60db, heavy load control at 60-65db);

6. Riugor has the ability to design and develop new products according to customer requirements. Riugor uses KISSsoft software to assist design and 30 years of gear manufacturing experience.

6.jpgAccuracy Grade6μm Cylindrical involute gear
TechnologyGear Hobbing
Max. Torque280Nm
Input spline

24 Teeth. Customizable

Speed Ratio8:1; 10:1 Customizable

30kW - 60 kW

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