RG-1001 EV Rear Drive Axle Assembly


RG-1001 EV Rear Axle Assembly is suitable for micro electric passenger car, electric golf car, electric sightseeing car, electric police patrol car, electric shuttle bus, electric utility car, etc. Motor Power equal or less than 5KW.

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1. The rear axle is developed and manufactured according to the characteristics of electric vehicles;

2. The gear tooth making technology adopts Mitsubishi CNC high-precision gear hobbing machine to achieve high precision, high torque, low noise and long life;

3. The gear grinding process adopts Reishauer grinding machine with gear precision of grade 6;

4. The gearbox is manufactured by DMG Mori Seiki and Mazak five-axis machining center to ensure the processing accuracy and make the transmission more stable;

5. Adopts electric car special used differential and is connected with the semi-axle to realize the drive, which achieves high efficiency and low energy consumption;

6. Special base is designed to greatly reduce the body vibration;

7. Good sealing performance, low transmission noise, high transmission torque, high impact resistance, high transmission efficiency, low weight and low energy consumption;

Length of Rear AxleCustomized for the OEM
Spring Center DistanceCustomized for the OEM
Speed Ratio6:1, 8:1, 10:1, 12:1, 11.76:1, 12.76:1
Rear Axle FormHorizontal/Vertical
Motor Installation MethodFront/Back
Rated Load1 Ton

Motor and Gearbox 

Connection Method

18-Tooth Square Four/Three Hole

15-Tooth Square Four Hole

NOTESpeed Ratio, index cycle, end face distance, spring center distance, installation form can be customized for OEM.
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