An experienced, learning and innovative R & D team.

The company’s strong competitiveness comes from the superior R&D team. Riugor understands that only a superior R&D team can create high-quality and competitive products. Therefore, Riugor has been continuously investing a large amount of capital and manpower, training R&D talents and establishing long-term cooperation with China well-known universities and research institutions. Continuously improve the company's research and development capabilities, and commits to be a trustworthy partner for worldwide customer.

More than 70% of our technical research & development personnel and engineers are engaged in gear and axle industry over 20 years’ experience and has formed an efficient product development process. Years of frontline operations have made them highly experienced and skilled. During technical design and development, our engineers combine rich theory and practice to provide technical support for customers in electric vehicle industry to meet the needs of high precision and stability.